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We are manufacturers of hosiery, knits and polyester garments. Our product range largely focuses on casual, sports, active and athleisure wear. We follow a unique approach of combining style, comfort and quality to provide maximum value addition to our customers. Our clothes infuse style, quality and comfort which makes our products voguish, yet easy to carry.

Our speciality is our casual and sportswear, which we manufacture under the brand names of Xenya  and Palms.

We use high-performance, yet very light weight fabrics, like grindles, terry, poly-cotton, slub jersey, cotton viscose, melanges, etc-with the main objective of fusing style and comfort.
All our garments are designed with functionalities such as sweat wicking, anti odor, stretch-ability, breath-ability and many more properties to help you train and play better. And, goes without saying, look the best!